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Buying or Selling? Work with a REALTOR® who knows your community. Your Local REALTOR® is reliable, convenient, knowledgeable and professional.

Your local REALTOR® knows your neighbourhood and the neighbourhood you want to live in.

Your local REALTOR® will save you time and money. Local REALTORS® have access to market history & current trends that are required to prepare a market analysis of your property to determine an asking price. The same information allows them to help you determine a possible purchase price of your new dream home.

Your local REALTOR® will have the inside edge. Being active within your community, a local REALTOR® may have lists of potential Buyers for your home. They have immediate access to any new listings, therefore giving both their Buyer and Seller clients an advantage.

Your local REALTOR® is close to home. Whether Buying or Selling, your local REALTOR® can often attend a showing quickly and easily. Showings of your home will not be missed and the opportunity to buy your dream home won’t be at risk of being “too late!”

Your local REALTOR® is full of “Local Knowledge”. From schools to churches, children’s sports, doctors, lawyers and more, your REALTOR® has the information to help you make an informed decision about your move. Your local REALTOR® also has access to Municipal information such as zoning, taxes and assessments, by-laws and more. They can direct your questions and concerns to the proper people and help make your move or sale as smooth as possible.

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